Privacy Policy -

Basic Principles Follow :

Our privacy is to keep the customers information safe without any misuse and each and every information is given to us will be confidential. always collects the customer details and know the exact requirement to serve better.

1) We always collect only certain information's such as  Name, Email Id, Phone Number and Age, Number of days etc.

2) We never ask for your bank account details.

3) Our travel consultant will give you our bank account details to credit advance to book hotels and for confirmations from other partners.

4) We have mentioned everything clearly in mail kindly understand everything clearly before booking your trip.

5) All our website urls are secured and internal pages will redirect to our pages only but not to any other websites or pages.

6) Rates mentioned on the website will change in off and on season, present rates may vary based on number of persons. Please email us for any updated rates on packages.

7) Please always directly contact us for any questions or doubts at 733-813-3664 and now GST is 5%.

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